Sarah Brummitt Limited is a training and development company with 4 distinct areas of learning expertise

Executive Presence

Leadership today has never been so challenging. To deliver results requires a set of influencing skills like never before. Having ‘Executive Presence’ means being able to command attention, drive engagement and deliver results in an environment of constant change and continuing uncertainty. We specialize in helping leaders to develop the skills behind ‘Executive Presence’ so that our clients become what we term ‘exquisite influencers’ within their business.

Executive Coaching

We engage with professionals at all levels within your business, from Executives to first line managers to create powerful and highly effective coaching relationships. Our Executive Coaching sessions are tailored, confidential, and targeted to drive critical business insights, relevant skill development, increased strategy and execution options, as well as enabling long-lasting performance improvement.

Leadership Development

We deliver a wide range of best practice leadership development training, designed around our clients’ specific business issues and structured to enable real change and performance improvement, delivered via the media of workshops, seminars and online forums to clients from around the world. Our goal is to ensure that their investment in developing their talent delivers results.

Public Speaking

As a highly experienced and accomplished speaker, Sarah delivers keynote presentations across the globe. Whether the audience is 5 or 500, she combines commercial relevant content with practical tips and techniques to engage, enthuse and delight audiences everywhere.