Executive Presence

Executive Presence

What Is Executive Presence?

The ability through our communication to radiate confidence, command attention but not demand it, project poise and authority, remain authentic, demonstrate high levels of self-awareness, demonstrate a continual desire to develop and evolve as a leader. What does it do? It inspires that ‘‘I’ll do anything, buy anything, believe anything of you" response. It’s hard to define; but we know it when we see it.

Client Solutions For Executive Presence

We can deliver half day, full day and up to five day workshops to hone the skills of Executive Presence. Everything we deliver is set in the cultural context of your business and linked to specific commercial objectives that need to be achieved. Our content is based on best practice and the latest research from around the world and always anchored in practical, relevant tools, strategies and skills. Leadership is a relationship business and that means we are in the influencing business. Our technical skills are assumed, but our ability to convey Executive Presence is not.

Sarah is passionate about supporting professional women to develop their Executive Presence.  In the summer of 2016, Sarah was interviewed by www.ionstar.co.uk,  which provides its clients with clear, practical and actionable compliance advice and solutions. Click here to listen to the podcast of Sarah's interview.

For more information on how we work with professionals at all levels to help them build these skills please contact us